Published on May 9th, 2017 | by Matt

Episode 150: Hot Dog Squad

Amber joins Matt, Ethan, and Ricardo this week to update us on the 70 hours she’s poured into Persona 5. Matt and Ethan took a trip together to murder island, and Ricardo’s been just doing raccoon things. Matt continues to talk about but not really say much about Nier: Automata, Ethan hates sneaking missions, Amber joins up with murderous mystical foxes, and Ricardo almost misses trailer trash.

Games we played:

Matt: PLAYERUNKOWN’S Battlegrounds, NieR: Automata

Ethan: PLAYERUNKOWN’S Battlegrounds, Breath of the Wild

Ricardo: Marvel Heroes Omega (Closed Beta)

Amber: Persona 5


The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

Longtime Persona series director, Katsura Hashino, leaves the series to start new project

Renowned modder gets the Nintendo PlayStation up and running

Speaking of mods, the 2D Breath of the Wild fan game is just the latest fan game that Nintendo has shut down

Life is Beautiful; Deadly Premonition returns as a board game


Trailer trash:

SFV – Ed Reveal Trailer

Agents of Mayhem – Franchise Force Trailer

Bloody Zombies –  Official Announce Trailer

Baboon! – Launch Trailer

Ever Oasis – Intro Trailer

Smashbox Arena – PS VR trailer

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days – Gameplay Trailer

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