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Adding a Video Game to the Christmas traditions

With the holiday season upon us, we can now unabashedly enjoy the many end-of-year traditions.  Eggnog (preferably with full fat content), Christmas music/decorations (the dorkier the better), and of course Christmas movies (Will Ferrell as an elf? Heck yeah!).  However, despite all of these wonderful things, it feels as if something is missing…

Do you feel it too?  We’re missing a Christmas video game to add to the holiday traditions!

You know, a game that has all of the richness of eggnog, the nostalgia of Christmas music/decorations, and the heart and sincerity of Christmas movies.  Is that so much to ask for?  Well, probably.

“What do you mean I’m too glitchy for Christmas!?”

Now with all of this other stuff to fulfill our Christmas celebration needs, why would we need a video game too?  Well, I see it as an enhancement of the holidays.  Look at it this way.  During this time of year, it is all about displaying compassion towards others, remembering the importance of loved ones, and re-focusing on what really matters in life (which in my humble opinion is love and friendship).  And for better or worse, the holidays also tend to emphasize on commercialism…  Thank God for online deals on Black Friday.

Anyway, I really want to play a Christmas game that captures the soul of the season that would also be enjoyable re-playing every December.  I mean, we revisit movies and music every year, so why not a video game?


“I wanna’ game again!”

Let us get one thing straight though.  While there are games that take place during or around Christmas, such as Batman: Arkham Origins and Duke: Nuclear Winter, it doesn’t make them Christmas games.  Call me picky, but I define a Christmas game as being one that possesses the spirit of the holidays.  And no, shooting evil snowman doesn’t count.

In its own crazy way, Saints Row IV: How the Saints Saved Christmas, by my definition, is a Christmas game or at least Christmas DLC.  Sure it is over-the-top as Saints Row always is, but it does deal with the holiday spirit (in this case being on Santa’s “Nice List” and just being a good person).  Of course, this “don’t take me too seriously” attitude doesn’t lend itself to the idea of a traditional, heartfelt game, but it’s good fun nonetheless.

Okay, so what would my ideal traditional Christmas game look like? Well, here are a few of my recommendations to Kevin Levine.  What?!  I love the Bioshock stories.

Am I as compelled by the story as Santa is compelled to eat cookies and drink milk?
– The key factor of many classic Christmas tales are their gripping stories.  Do I connect with the characters, the circumstances, and do I get that holiday cheer/feels from the experience?

Who would have guessed that checking the naughty and nice list twice would be so much fun.
–  Perhaps the hardest piece of this Nutcracker puzzle is coming up with great gameplay that would still be fun despite updates in graphics and gameplay in the future.  Well actually, we’d probably get a remastered version eventually so scratch that last part (unless it’s as rocky as the Halo: Master Chief Collection.  Yikes.).  In terms of genre, I feel that a beautifully simplistic game would be the best bet.  Something like Journey for the PS3.  Ideally, a game that you could jump in and immerse yourself in without all the complexities of inventories or character stats.  As for length, I feel that a two to four hour game would be good.  A small time commitment that wouldn’t take up all of the holiday weekends.

Waiting to jump down the chimney every year?  No problem.
– Just like my holiday music and movies, I not only enjoy getting to indulge in them when December rolls around (even though I’ve already watched or listened to them many times), but even waiting for them!  Waiting patiently becomes part of the fun (said no kid at Christmas ever)!

What do you guys think about a Christmas game joining your holiday traditions?  Would you be interested in one?  And if you are, what would the ideal one look like to you?  Let us know in the comments below!

Also, Happy Holidays!  I wish you much joy, love, and video game sales!

happy holidays

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