Published on June 15th, 2018 | by Ethan

E3 2018 Blow Out! Andrew WK Did Nothing Wrong

Games we played:

Ethan: Trials Fusion, E3 games!

Rico: Trials Fusion, Street Fighter V, More Fortnite


Let’s talk about some conferences…

EA: Battlefield V, Unravel 2, Sea of Solitude Anthem, sports and Star Wars

Microsoft: Halo Infinite, Gears 5, DMC 5, Sekiro, Forza Horizon 4, Dying Light 2, Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus, We Happy Few, Battletoads AND MORE DAMN THERE WAS A LOT HERE…

Bethesda: Rage 2 (feat. Andrew WK…), Wolfenstein 2: Youngblood, Fallout 76, TES Blades, Starfield, the NEXT Elder Scrolls game and a ton o’ DLC for their stuff.

Square Enix: I mean… I guess they showed that Kingdom Hearts trailer again… there was some more Tomb Raider… Captain Spirit… Dragon Quest… uh… like more FFXIV stuff?

UBISOFT: JUST DANCE, The Division 2, Skull and Bones, More For Honor (MORE Honor?!), Starlink, Trials RISING, GRANT KIRKHOPE, Transference, The Crew 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Assassin’s Creed 300

Sony: The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Destiny DLC, RE2 Remake, Nioh 2, Control, More like… Kingdom Hearts stuff… NOT Rick & Morty VR game totally not, Death Stranding, Spider-Man!

Nintendo: Daemon X Machina, THAT STUFF FROM THE LEAK (Fortnite, Killer Queen Black, Overcooked 2, etc.), Pokemon Let’s Go, Super Mario Party, Smash ULTIMATE


Trailer Trash:

This year we selected two winners and narrowed down trailers that were getting hype and under 5 minutes long. (Sorry Last of Us 2, you wouldn’t have won anyway.)


Cyberpunk 2077

Farming Simulator 19


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