Published on December 14th, 2018 | by Matt


Episode 222: Meaty Hedgehog Legs

Games we played:

Matt: Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Command & Conquer Rivals

Ricardo: SSBU, Realm Royale, Idle Champions of The Forgotten Realms

Ethan: Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Return of the Obra Dinn

Amber: SoulCalibur 6


The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

Woo boy, so they released the first look at Sonic for his new live action movie…

Speaking of terrible looking things, here’s a follow-up on those in-game ads for SFV

Epic to share Fortnite’s cross-platform tools with other developers

Monster Hunter announces first big expansion, Iceborne, coming in Autumn 2019

Zenimax and Facebook settle their suit over Oculus VR Tech


Trailer Trash



Anthem – Legion of Dawn Edition Trailer

Brawl Stars – Launch Trailer

Big Crown: Showdown – Royal Ruckus Trailer

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates – Official Trailer

Left Alive – Gameplay Trailer

El Hijo – Teaser Trailer

Gris – Launch Trailer

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