Published on August 9th, 2016 | by Matt

Episode 113: Eat, Prey, Love

While it may be a shorter episode than usual, we still cover a lot of ground and Amber joins the guys to chat about chaotic cooking, multiplayer monster hunting, and scenic sea floors. We discuss all the upcoming and forthcoming No Man’s Sky news, and check out some anime waifu trailers (plus some for normal games, I guess.)


Games we played:

Ethan: Monster Hunter Generations (WITH RICARDO!), Overcooked

Ricardo: ABZU, Monster Hunter Generations (WITH ETHAN!), Overcooked

Matt: Overcooked

Amber: Overcooked

The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

Don’t worry, servers will be wiped before launch

Sony’s “accidentally” targeting No Man’s Sky vids with copyright claims


Looks like the PS4 NEO is going to be shown off in early September

Remember the very British, seemingly very successful BUZZ! Quiz Games? Their studio is shutting down…

Trailer trash:

Prey Official Gameplay Trailer

Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer

Blue Rider Office Gameplay Teaser

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Official Shinoa Trailer

The Watchmaker Official Announcement Trailer

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