Published on May 23rd, 2017 | by Matt

Episode 152: Destiny Dads

With Ricardo mysteriously absent Matt and Ethan recruit Parker to help us parse through all the new Destiny news that just launched! Matt gets emotional during a credits sequence, Parker is looking at his dog in whole new ways (not in a gross way, you sicko), and Ethan—and this is not a joke—takes off his pants. That plus plenty of Destiny news, The Witcher on Netflix, weird Squirtles, and possibly the worst Larry the Cable guy impression you’ve heard.


Games we played:

Matt: Nier Automata is DONE, Dead Cells

Ethan: Injustice 2

Parker: The Last Guardian, Breath of the Wild


The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

Destiny 2 on PC! On…Blizzard client?

The Witcher is coming to Netflix near you. I can’t watch any other TV until I finish watching this

Red Dead Redemption is delayed!

Squirtle in Build-A-Bear. Looks weird


Trailer trash:

Destiny 2 Cinematic Trailer

Old Man’s Journey Launch Trailer

Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island

Lawbreakers PS4 Reveal Trailer

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