Published on July 25th, 2017 | by Matt

Episode 160: Wht Chclt?! Are you #@%&! Serious?!

The boys are back in town! And they’re back together in the same room! It’s crazy! Matt, Ethan, Ricardo and Amber catch up on Evo and ComicCon stuff they missed, a few games, and plenty of Trailer Traaaash. Matt is still recovering from being sick at Evo, Ethan lined up to look at a SNES Classic, Amber is looking out for people behind her, and Ricardo is excited to announce the new character Chamilio for *next big fighting game*!


Games we played:

Matt: PUBG, Breath of the Wild

Ethan: ARMS

Ricardo: Tekken 7

Amber: Persona 5 (done!), The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker



Part 1: Wht Chclt by Sonoran Brewing Co.

Part 2: Shipwrecked Double IPA by Mission Brewery

Part 3: Marshmallow Milk Stout by Garage Brewing Co.


The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

THE EVO EXPERIENCE! Let’s talk about our time at Evolution 2017

And what about SDCC?

Changing now to poorly run cons, Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago was a disaster.

And Niantic knows it was a disaster…

Before the SNES Classic even hits store shelves, Nintendo has put trademark in for N64 Classic

Bioware’s General Manager and Director of Anthem, Aaryn Flynn, steps down

Terry Crews super alright with not being Doomfist


Trailer trash:

Splatoon 2 – Welcome back to Inkopolis! Trailer

Ultra Hyperball Launch Trailer

Sonic Forces – Enter Infinite Trailer

Observer – Official “The Year is 2084” Trailer

Gigantic – Official Launch Trailer

Pyre – Official Launch Trailer


Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Blazblue Centralfiction – Jubei Intro Trailer

Arika EX – Announcement Trailer

Tekken 7 – Geese Howard Trailer

Street Fighter V – Abigail Trailer

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