Published on August 3rd, 2017 | by Ethan

Episode 161: Light the Goblin Nest on Pyre



Dude Matt and Ricardo really like Pyre. Matt and Ethan really like Gigantic. Ethan and Ricardo… uhhhh get along just fine. This is one of the best itmes to be playing video games, unless you’re stream sniping in PUBG! Those people should be banned!! (but only for like a day or two) Also, this weeks trailer trash was a doozy!


Games we played:

Matt: Pyre, PUBG, Gigantic

Ethan: Gigantic, PUBG, Pokeman GO Legendary Raids

Ricardo: Pyre


THE BEER REVIEW: Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo

The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

OOPSIES! SNES Classic pre-orders pushed out too early and promptly cancelled at Wal-Mart

Additionally, Nintendo announces official pre-sale happening later this month

PUBG peeps… tell me about Stream Sniping and why you think it is/isn’t a big deal

For Honor finally getting Dedicated Servers a half a year after its release

The Summer Games return to Overwatch


Trailer trash:

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story – Reveal Trailer

Batman: The Enemy Within – Launch Trailer

Tacoma – Launch Trailer

QUBE 2 – Teaser Trailer

Mary Skelter: Nightmares – Gameplay Overview Trailer

The Lost Bear – Reveal Trailer

DrawFighters – Launch Trailer

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night – Announcement Trailer

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night – Announcement Trailer

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