Published on June 9th, 2018 | by Ethan

Episode Pre-E3 Let’s Predict the BIG SHOW

With Matt absent, Rico and Ethan predict E3 2018!!

Games we played:

Ethan: State of Decay 2, Dauntless

Rico: Same stuff (Overwatch/Fortnite)


The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

Valve’s tired of making awful, incremental improvements to Steam curation so they’re just giving up…

Stay a while and speculate; is there a new Diablo game on the way?

Crackdown 3 can’t seem to crack down on a release window. It’s been delayed again…

Evolve’s servers shutting down in September

Guitar Hero Live’s “Guitar Hero TV” is shutting down as well :C



EA: Dead Space, Dante’s Paradise

Microsoft: Reboot of Blinx, Conquer’s Badle Royal

Bethesda: Hexen, Doom and Wolfenstein Crossover

Square Enix: Yakotaro demo in store same day, Chrono Cross on steam n shit

UBISOFT: Prince of Persia Reboot, Tom Clancy’s Ender War

Sony: Playstation 4 Super Pro, Sly Cooper Collection

Nintendo: New Star Fox, Mii Battle Royal


Trailer trash:


Mario Tennis Aces is the winner

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