Published on February 17th, 2016 | by Matt

Episode 89: Firewatch With Me

The gang is all here and we’ve all played Firewatch! Stay tuned for an upcoming episode of The Spoiling Point about it, but in the meantime, hear Matt, Ethan, Ricardo and Amber talk about of few of their thoughts on the game, plus Yarn Yoshis, the nature of crypts vs. tombs (Nicolas Cage has a role to play in both,) ramshackle wrestling games, and Matt’s HOT TAKES on which hip hop artist wrote *recent popular song*. Learn how Remedy and Microsoft are Quantum Breaking people’s hearts, what people think of Kanye West’s video game, why it’s a good thing we won’t have another Assassin’s Creed and Destiny this year, and what our DUMB NEWS story is this week (or cheat and look below, I’m not your dad.)

Ethan: XCOM 2, Firewatch, Yoshi’s Woolly World

Ricardo: Firewatch, 5-Star Wrestling ReGenesis

Matt: Firewatch

Amber: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Firewatch


The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

Quantum Break! It’s coming out on PC and Xbox One. You get both if your pre-order! Cross save and comes with Alan Wake.

PC gaming show is coming back to E3. Takes the spot of EA, Rico’s fav, Day9 is back hosting. Says it will be much shorter and more focused than last year.

KANYE VIDEO GAME (this could be dumb news too):

No destiny this year:

No Assassin’s creed this year:

Mad Catz laying off 37 percent of work force:

Amazon released a game engine!


Dumb NEWS!

Destiny Megablocks coming this year! Build your own sparrow.

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