Published on February 7th, 2012 | by Andrew


“Resident Evil: Revelations” releases today…or is it “Revelaitons?”

There’s a good chance that some poor, short-sighted, very embarassed employee has just been fired from Capcom.

Anyone quick enough to pick up a copy of Capcom’s latest Resident Evil entry for Nintendo’s 3DS today may be surprised to find a cringe-worthy spelling error printed along the spine of their new game’s case.

While the front’s cover art remains typo-free, the packaging’s spine will prominantly (and incorrectly, mind you) read “Revelaitons” once displayed on one’s game shelf.

Players who would prefer a corrected insert can contact Capcom at 650-350-6700 or by email at Capcom claims that future shipments of the game will contain case inserts with the corrected spelling, so grab your copy quick before this initial U.S. shipment runs out, assuming, of course, these error-plagued copies could be worth anything later on.

Anyone else keeping their copy in the shrink wrap?

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