At Pixel Legends we want to bring you exciting video content as well as well-written articles and hilarious podcasts! Here’s some of the stuff we’re working on!

Backseat Gaming

Backseat Gaming is where we run through a game one of us has loved, but another has barely (or never!) played! The chooser(s) watches while the newbie plays, while both providing commentary for your enjoyment! For this series we’ll tend to pick games from the last generation, or that at least have a few years on them. We won’t be doing many recent releases here, but we’ll be showing off some famous classics as well a few hidden gems you might have missed (at least one of us certainly has!

Game Grab Bag

A random look at a random game. Sometimes it’ll be current, sometimes it won’t. It will be something that we find interesting enough to record, maybe you’ll find yourself interested too!

Series Slickers

In this series the crew plays through a series of games in order to see how the series grew (or didn’t) over time. Usually each episode lasts a half hour and we try to show off the beginning and the end of a game.

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