At Pixel Legends we pride ourselves on insightful analysis on games and gaming tropes.  Each article we write is designed to critique different aspects of games and gaming culture.  Sometimes we’re constructive, sometimes we’ll tear a game to pieces.  But we’ll always back up our opinions with solid explanations as to why.

We’ve divided our articles into a few different categories, so you can get an idea for what each one is about.

Pixel Perfect

Some games just do something perfectly.  Here’s a game that does something right.  We want to see more of this.

Broken Pixel

Even good games can do something wrong. Or bad ones. Or any type in between. Here’s what could be done to fix it.

Building Blocks

The building blocks of the games we play. Analysis and deconstruction of gaming conventions, tropes, and cliches.  Why are games made the way they are?


Anything that doesn’t fit in the above categories.  We’ll let you know when we figure it out.

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