Published on May 17th, 2017 | by Matt

Episode 151: IO, You…

Matt, Ethan and Ricardo are joined by Laurentius once again as he tells us what he’s been up to in Mass Effect Andromeda! Matt is on his third run through Nier Automata, Ethan talks about heartburn, Ricardo advertises heartburn remedies, and Laurent forms a SQUAD. That, plus the news that no Remedy will save Alan Wake, ZeniMax is on a lawsuit roll, and the sad news of IO Interactive’s sale from SquareEnix.


Games we played:

Matt: Nier: Automata

Ethan: Breath of the Wild

Ricardo: Overwatch, Marvel Puzzle Quest

Laurentius: Mass Effect: Andromeda, Squad v. Alpha 1.9


The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

The ZeniMax vs. John Carmack scandal thickens as ZeniMax goes after Samsung’s Gear VR

FEEL BAD; Square Enix drops Hitman developer, IO Interactive…

FEEL GOOD; PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds raises nearly a quarter million dollars for Gamers Outreach

There might be a Legend of Zelda title coming to phones

I Am A Sleep; the day Alan Wake died

Phantom Dust remastered is free?


Trailer trash:

Official Injustice 2 Gameplay Launch Trailer

Tokyo 42 Multiplayer Trailer

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies Timeline Trailer

A Walk in the Dark Official Announcement Trailer

Ad Infinitum Official Reveal Trailer

Rakuen Release Date Trailer

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