Published on February 3rd, 2016 | by Matt

Episode 87: Heaven Sword

Matt, Ethan, and Ricardo hang out over the Internet just to make sure you don’t miss the latest episode of the Pixel Podcast! Ricardo’s been trying to get to heaven via a Final Fantasy MMO, Ethan took out some rogue agents in the dark during The Division beta, and Matt has been Witnessing to all he meets. Also: DETECTIVE PIKACHU.

Ethan: The Division BETA, Super Mario Land

Ricardo: Final Fantasy XIV (whatever the subtitle is these days)

Matt: The Witness


The NEWS HOUR News Topics:

EA OUT OF E3 and Bethesda IN:

Trademark react and you get you in trouble:


Saint’s Row game surfaces as free ISO:

Peter Molyneux account hacked:

Insomniac reveals Song of the deep, which is published by Gamestop:

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About the Author

Matt started Pixel Legends originally to cover E3 2011. Aside from video games Matt also enjoys books, wasting time on the internet, and being from England. He doesn’t have a British accent.

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